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(Prices TBD and options may change. Terms of Service still in progress)

The University of Michigan School of Information has deployed one of the first private clouds on campus that hosts services for production, research and academic needs. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Virtual Servers

SI Computing offers virtual server hosting on our private cloud for SI Research needs. Support for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu/Redhat) operating systems and various services.



  • Operating System management: Security Patching, Updates
  • Service consultation
  • Support for services that fall outside the standard SI Computing package
  • Option for full backup and retention services


Virtual Desktops

We offer Virtual Desktops for research use. A virtual desktop  is useful if you need a secure persistent work environment and need to access it remotely through any computer connected to the internet for a single user at a time.


  • Customized Software installation offered through SI licensed software or software licenses purchased with research funds
  • Customized Desktop environment
  • Access to non UM users if collaborating on research projects. We can create login authentication if needed or use UM sponsored guest accounts


Software as a Service (SaaS):

We offer Virtual Windows Servers hosting Remote Applications for research use. If you have a Windows application with limited software licenses that needs to be accessed by multiple users at the same time, a Virtual Remoteapp solution may be what you need.


  • Secure availability for licensed software.
  • Controlled access lists: Depending on the software license, we can enable access for any number of users such as a class of students or a number of research collaborators so usage does not go above your allotted licenses.
  • Access to upload/edit files located on any workstation connected to the internet.
  • Customized desktop environments if the software does not run efficiently in a separate windowed mode (identical to a virtual desktop except that multiple users can connect to the server at the same time)
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